Introducing the NEW *AWARD-WINNING*

Kramer VENT-A-BLOCKô System

Tired of using that expensive, finely-tuned race-prepared engine for such mundane and boring tasks as pulling ahead of the Porsches on the straight and flat-out smacking them down in the corners, four-wheel power-drifting through Turn 3 at Mid-Ohio, and competing in national and international events?

Bob Kramer of TX-FOT fame has perfected a process that will enable you to create an exciting, informative and INTERACTIVE British car show display out of that old, boring, and heavy race engine!



Bob's soon-to-be patented new process is designed to excite and amaze all of your car show attendees! 

Who wants to listen to Jaguar Jack ramble on about, "Well, back in MY day, before there WAS motor oil..." when you could be turning the crank of your very own VENT-A-BLOCKô and gathering a crowd of interested onlookers! 

Click below to view the awe-inspiring VENT-A-BLOCKô in stunning color and motion at an actual British car event!

View VENT-A-BLOCKô Video (3.9M mpeg format)


Click on the above image for a larger view -- note awed onlooker in background!

The process is simple:

Remove your fresh, balanced and blue-printed, ported and polished high-compression race engine and send it to Bob.  Don't worry about crating it securely; Bob will make sure your block gets the full VENT-A-BLOCKô experience and uncrating your careful packaging will take up too much of his valuable time.

Bob will install your engine, transport the soon-to-be patented VENT-A-BLOCKô creation device over 3,000 miles, and perform his VENT-A-BLOCKô magic in front of dozens of astounded spectators at a major international event.  And, yes, you can even purchase the video of your very own VENT-A-BLOCKô creation!  (Don't worry, Bob makes it out just fine!  The firefighters and paramedics are purely a precautionary measure mandated by his insurance carrier.)

And if you act now, you will receive the entire VENT-A-BLOCKô display package, including a cheap orange engine stand, exciting and interesting sharp and nasty-looking display bits, a standard insurance waiver, and a beautiful British flag to proudly proclaim the superiority of British automotive products!


  This site could have possibly been sponsored by Bob's Towing, had they known about this fantastic opportunity!

It could also have been sponsored by the great clean-up squad at Mosport, but they were too busy scrambling for VENT-A-BLOCKô souvenir parts.

This site was created by Happy Cat Racing, who has NEVER experienced any sort of mechanical difficulties and has absolutely no bent, twisted or otherwise mangled bits on their Shelf of Shame (not that they would even HAVE a Shelf of Shame, mind you, but IF they did...!).

(We know Bob can take it as well as he dishes it out, so we hope he takes this in the light-hearted spirit in which is intended!  Bob RULES!)