1953 Triumph Mayflower

I started searching for a Triumph Mayflower in early 1999 and eventually had leads on several different cars. Andy Mace pointed me in the direction of this car. Its about 98% original and complete. The only real changes made to the car is a replacement exhaust system, electric fuel pump, rear window mounted brake light and brass switch knobs to replace the ones melted by the hot midwest sunlight!

The previous owner used to Autocross this car as part of the required moving event at the VTR conventions. Some of you may have seen the car at various car events in the midwest. I don't know if it ever won any awards or not.

There is some rust that needs to be taken care of and a paint job is definitely in order along with a lot of small dings and dents that need to be corrected. I'm not real sure what to do about the interior. Its still original but in deteriorating condition. I tried starting the car in february and discovered at that time that cylinders 2,3 and 4 had no compression. Turns out that there were 3 valves stuck open and a small piece of head gasket missing between the 3rd and 4th cylinders. I've managed to get the valves unstuck and I'm now waiting on a gasket to come from England. I hope to have it running sometime in April.

Check out the head gasket replacement effort, caution slow loading! (added 2/20/00)

Check out the a true Queen!

Hybrid Mayflower


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Mayflowers from South America?! Photos of Al Adam's South American imported Triumph Mayflower project.