Brad's DODGE TRUCK Restoration

1951 Dodge 1/2 Ton Pickup

I bought the truck in Ketchum Idaho during the fall of 1996. However I didn't really start working on it until the fall of 1997. The truck was pretty much rust free when I bought it and it ran well enough for me to drive it up onto the U-Haul trailer for the trip back to Nebraska. Currently the frame has been sandblasted and painted and the suspension is just about back together. The engine has been at the rebuild shop since February of 1998 unfortunately there has been one problem after another with the rebuild but it's finally been assembled and ready to set into the frame. All of body work is done and painted with the exception of the bed, tailgate and rear fenders. Those should be done by the fall of 2001 if all goes according to plan.

NOTE: The picture above is from an original sales brochure. Some day I hope to have my truck looking like that!

1949 DODGE 1-Ton Pickup - Owner, Don Fenton

Below are photos of Don Fenton's nice 1949 1-ton pickup. He bought this truck in Montana for a song!

Ok, here are some shots of my truck in progress.

The frame is being painted with a base coat of Bill Hirschs "Miracle Paint". I'm real impressed with this paint. It seems to be extremely durable. If the length of time that it stays one your fingers once its dried is any indication this paint should last forever! The paint was applied with foam brushes, lots and lots of foam brushes! One of the reasons I used foam brushes was so that no brush marks would be visible when complete. The frame has sinse been top coated with Bill Hirschs "Chassis Black" spray paint. This particular paint has a high resistance to salt spray.

This picture was taken with the frame suspended from the garage ceiling joists using 3/16" cable. The frame is heavy enough that it takes a minimum of three and preferrably five people to move it around. This allowed me to work on the bottom side without having to work around jack stands. As you can see I haven't applied the final coat of paint yet.

Here is the stripped cab. It was delivered to the paint shop in October of 2000 and returned in late May 2001.

Here is the finished cab. Quite a difference isn't there!

I totally dismantled the differential and after taping and sealing all openings I sandblasted the outer shell. I then applied Bill Hirschs Miracle paint and then a coat of his Chassis Black spray paint. Again, I'm real impressed with this paint also. Sprays on nicely and seems to flow real well.

Painting the rear wheels has been taking place over period of several weeks. I had the local Sherwin-Williams automotive paint store mix up 7 cans of spray paint (1-quart) in the original color scheme Dodge used for wheels. Definitely an intersting color that Dodge chose! I have also mounted 225/75 R16 radial light truck tires. A friend is running them on his truck and is quite happy with them. So why not give them a try!

In this photo you can see the hole that was drilled through the windshield post for a spotlight. I've scoured the swap meets and junk yards for one that fit the hole and also had the same bolt pattern with no luck. I did find one that looked good and had the right angle for the mounting block but the two screw holes didn't line up. So I had the body shop weld up the two holes and I'll drill new ones when it comes time to fit the spotlamp.

Here is the right side of the hood and the right front fender. Ignore the spots in the photo, the sheetmetal got a little dirty in transport from the shop to my garage.

Here is a view of the inside of the cab. You can also ignore the dirty looking floor. The finished cab sat in at the painters for a long time!

And last but not least we have a picture of the drivers door.

Here is an original hand crank that I picked up from Ric Hall that he had leftover after selling his stake bed truck. When I was tearing my truck engine down I noticed that the crank nut had provisions for a crank handle and then looking closer at the front grille it was obvious that the Dodge Engineers had left the provisions for the hand crank to be inserted through the grille. So when this one came available I couldn't pass it up! I'm not sure that I'm looking forward to trying to start it that way, but you never know....

Chris Worcester of Southern Australia is looking for information on Dodge Export models from Canada. If you have any information please contact Chris.

Chris Worcester's 1946 Dodge Coupe Utility (added 2/10/2000)

Here are some photos of Terry Quaid's nice looking and original 1951 Dodge. You can contact Terry here.

Terry Quaid's 1951 Dodge Pickup (added 2/20/2000)

Here are some photos of Ken Moffitt's great looking 1949 Dodge B-1-B 1/2 ton pickup. If you want to e-mail Ken you can reach him here.

Ken Moffitt's 1949 Dodge Pickup (added 1/28/2003)

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Need Dodge Truck Parts ?:

Contact Larry Frank, Phone # 970-858-4939. Or you can email Larry
I've purchased quite a few parts from him and have never been disappointed. He deals only in good used Pilot House truck parts 1948 - 1953 and occasionaly has a Pilot House truck for sale.. Tell him I sent you!

Photos of the Offenhauser dual intake manifold that I'm installing:

Dual intake (added 10/25/2002)

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