1961 TR4 CT288L

Here is a front view. I'm currently working on repairing the front Valance. I've ordered a new lower section from TRF. I'm hoping that this portion will be back in place by Thanksgiving. The car had previously been hit in the right front and I found that the fender had been pushed rearward and downward about 1" causing a slight buckling on the inner fender wall. Some creative stretching brought this section back into alignment.

As you can see here both fenders have been removed so I can work on the rocker panel. I managed to come up with a pair of NOS rocker panels. My first trial fit with the right side rocker looked pretty good. I have a little bit of rust repair in the inner sill to take care of and then the rocker will be welded in place.

I'm also fitting an original Hard Top to this car. Not shown is the aluminum top center section which needs a little straightening. Both the front and rear bumpers were in excellent condition. One less thing to worry about!

Here is a view of the passenger floor board. When I got the car this side had an aluminum sheet covering the whole passenger floor area. After drilling out the rivets and pulling up the aluminum sheet I found about a 1/4" thick layer of roofing tar. Under the tar there were some areas that were previously repaired with fiberglass. That was how the PPO repaired rust areas. So far I've spent at least four solid evenings removing the tar from the floorboard. One more evening should just about wrap that section up.

As you can see the tub is hanging above the frame. With the help of 3 other people we managed to get the tub lifted and suspended from the ceiling with very little difficulty. Actually I was surprised at just how easy it really was.

This is another view of the tub hanging above the frame. I used the TR4 Service Manuals check list to make sure that I had all the necessary items unbolted or removed before lifting the tub up. I did find one ommision however! The manual neglects to mention the little spring that hangs from the bottom of the tub down to the parking brake cable. This cable keeps the parking brake cable from sagging. Needless to say the original spring is now about 10" longer than it used to be!!

This is a partial view of the wood frame I made under the body tub so that I could safely work underneath it. I have a little floor repair work to do and I want to clean off all of the old undercoating that is still there. Once this work is all done the tub will be sent to a bead blaster who will clean take care of any surface rust thats left on the tub.

This is some of the welding and replacement work that I've done on the right hand rocker. Learning to MIG weld while doing the repair work made for a rather interesting project!

This is the setup I used for doing the rocker panel replacement. The car was sitting on its on suspension during this time.

A slightly different view of the rocker repair work. I used a variety of clamps to hold the rocker in place along with a custom made support that I used to force the rocker up into position and hold it in place. Worked very nicely I might add!

The inner sill on the passenger side kind of turned into a jig saw puzzle. But structurally it appears to have made a big difference. The drivers side inner sill will require some very similar repair work.

As you can see here I've installed the upper and lower valances. The lower valance is one that I purchased from TRF. It happened to have a tag labeled "Taiwan" on it. The fit wasn't perfect but I did manage to get it installed and looking halfway reasonable. Definitely looked nicer than the beat up one that was in the car. Also notice that I did a trial fit of the radiator with the crank handle in place to make sure of my clearances. So far no problems.

This is a picture of one of my two backup lights that I'll be installing on the car. If you've seen Bill Piggotts latest book that covers the TR4's thru TR6's then you'll find a picture of this light installed on page 8. These lights mount below the bumper just to the outside of the bumper overriders. These lights were lost in the USPS system for about a week. Had quite a thrill trying to locate them at the post office.

The left front suspension is still lacking the coil spring. I ended up buying replacement front coil springs from Moss because they were the only supplier that carried the correct size spring.

The right front suspension assembly is just about complete. Just connect the tire rod end to the pivot arm.

I've got the rear differential primer coated with Bill Hirschs "Miracle Paint". Next comes a coating of his "Chassis Black" paint. I used the same paint on the frame and am quite happy with it.